Gaming Console Repairs

GTS Repairs Certified Expert Technicians Service and Repair all Microsoft XBOX, Sony Playstation, Nintendo devices and everything in between. If your system is down, GTS Repairs can get you back up and in the game in no time.

Gaming Console Repairs

Xbox Repairs

XBOX One & XBOX 360 Repairs

Playstation Repairs

Playstation 4 & Playstation 3 Repairs

Nintendo Repairs

Nintendo Wii & Nintendo Wii U Repairs

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Game Console Repair and Service

GTS Repairs Game console repair technicians are certified to repair all modern consoles, and capable of diagnising and repairing anything else. We can repair any part of your system that is broken. As long as we can get the part, we can fix it. So contact us if your console wont start, has a bad power supply, broken controller port, HDMI port, or anything else is wrong. GTS Repairs can fix it for you.

GTS Maintenance and Service

We also service Consoles as well, you dont have to wait until its broken to bring it in. Most of these issues are caused by over heating. The components inside require proper air flow and dust and other debris acts like a blanket and causes these systems to run hot and perform poorly. 

  • Microsoft XBOX
  • Sony Playstation
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Steam Link
  • Google Stadia
  • NVIDIA Shield
  • Legacy Consoles
  • Gaming Rigs

microsoft XBOX


We Repair: XBOX One, XBOX 360, XBOX 360 Slim

  • Free Diagnostic Service 
  • Hard Drive Replacements: Message Us
  • Disc Drive Repairs: $99.99
  • HDMI Port Repairs: $99.99
  • Red Ring of Death Repairs: $79.99
  • E74 Error Repairs: $79.99
  • Disc Read Error Repair: $89.99




sony playstation


We Repair: Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Playstation 3 Slim


  • Free Diagnostic Service
  • Disc Drive Repairs: $99.99
  • HDMI Port Repairs: $99.99
  • Blu-Ray Drive Repairs: $99.99
  • Flashing Red Light Repairs: $79.99
  • Yellow Light of Death Repairs: $79.99
  • Blue-Ray Drive Replacement: $149.99



We Repair: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U


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